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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Oxygen Machine?

By Audrey Finney|July 19, 2019|Solar / Energy / Power|

Oxygen machine are also commonly known as the oxygen concentrators. These are the machine which are used to provide the pure oxygen. These oxygen machine usually takes air from the environment. Since the air consist of many gases and the highest concentration of this gas is nitrogen and then the oxygen. Therefore, the machine takes in the air from surrounding and extracts the oxygen from it by eliminating all the nitrogen and provide the purest form of oxygen.

Oxygen machines were first used in the era of 1960 and 1970 and from this period it has been in use until now. The oxygen machines are highly used in hospital and in houses for the patients who find it difficult to breath in the normal air and they need pure supply of oxygen. The most common kind of oxygen machine that are used in are the PSA generator. These also work as the source of pure oxygen and not only these are cost effective but these are also much safer and provides more ease of access than a cylinder of oxygen. Apart from their use in the hospitals these are also used in the treatment plant used for water filtration and the manufacturing of glass.

The oxygen machine which are in the form of the cylinder are very much dangerous. These could burst out if the pressure is not handled properly and even if there is a small leakage and the room becomes full of high oxygen then even a smaller ignition could light up the entire room with fire and when there is a leak you cannot even identify it because oxygen is very much normal to the human system and he senses no change in the environment when there is even the higher concentration. Therefore, the oxygen concentrators are used in these which reduce this possibility and are very much safe.

There are medical treatments in which the oxygen machine are used such as the sleeping disorders where the amount of oxygen becomes less saturated, or the medical condition in which there are the shortness in breathing and problem of hypoxemia. However, the oxygen machine needs to be handled with great care because the mishandling could lead to the trapping of air in esophagus and a higher dosage of the oxygen could call it in hallucinations. It could lead to dry mouth and dryness and then there could be fatigue and could cause the inflammation in nasal. Check this webpage to find out more details.