AFL, Dream Of Every Australian Footballers

By Audrey Finney|March 27, 2019|Sports Products|

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To reach the height where the world is looking at you by lifting up its head; it is the time when you are flying with other powerful birds between the clouds. Gradually increase your speed and trying to go higher and higher. It helps you let your passion drive you towards your destination. That’s when an Australian footballer reaches the Australian Football League. To fulfil your dreams you once saw when you were getting yourself a jersey from official AFL store and you saved your money to shop your team football by working day and night, giving all you have. This is all because you dreamed about playing in the Australian Football league. Not only that but also to become the best player every season.

It requires sacrificing your time with your family, friends and other loved ones to practice or to play in a game in another city or state. Moreover, just because of these matches one has to control his emotions when he misses his home or skips most of your cultural and family events and just to move forward for your passion. Other than that, keeping track of your diet, trying to discipline the routine and leaving everything behind. And of course, you also fall down because you are learning to fly on your own. At times you break your wings and you cry alone when things seem difficult. But you heal yourself and practice your flight in an empty sky. Practice your take-off and landing. Pointing out your weakness and making it your strongest point. With physical pain, emotional pain, pressure, and hidden tears in your eyes you wanted to quit several times. But you remained consistent with a raging fire inside you.  When you receive what you worked for you cry happy tears in front of the world because you know you made it. The world is looking at you by lifting its heads up towards the sky and praising you.

 When you see footballers who are shopping from AFL merchandise to get the best of the training kit. Now you know you have done enough to be a role model for the young generation. This is when you truly receive an award when you know you are someone’s role model. When you get to know they have your posters in their bedroom or in the locker in their school and gym and your fans don’t miss even a single match of your team. This feeling in heart smiles a little more because you are glad that you didn’t quit.

Australian Football League was a destination at the end of a difficult journey of many birds. They made their new home away from home in AFL. Where they found peace and happiness after building a nest they were looking for. A home none can take away from them. This is their football after pay.

To all the young footballers who are struggling in their flights. You will go through storms. You will fall down at times. You might see someone your age far ahead of you. But don’t worry your time will come. You will have a clear sky and you will be much stronger than before. Keep moving forward.