Uses Of Long Span Shelving

By Audrey Finney|November 15, 2019|Business Services|

A regular person can never know the amount of effort that is put in the manufacturing and shipment of a product. A product is manufactured, then it is packed in huge boxes, then these huge sized boxes are placed on large shelves in a storage room. From there the product is shipped to various places. Now, the question that arises is that how much the size of shelf/rack can be that it is able to endure the weight of hundreds of loaded boxes?  The answer to this question lies in long span shelving. In this article, we are going to discuss about long span shelving and the various uses of long span shelving. 

Long span shelving: 

There are some things whose prescribed or given name describes them the best, similar is the case with long span shelving in Melbourne as the term “long span shelving” itself describes about the product quite well. Long span shelving is a rack like structure that is quite long and firm to endure the weight of various numbers of heavy boxes. It is majorly composed of steel. The size of long span shelving may vary from shelve to shelve. All of these long span shelves constitutes of four to five horizontal racks or beams that are connected with one another by two vertical rails like structures which hold them together.  

Uses of long span shelving: 

All of us are well aware with the fact that shelves are made to hold different kinds of items on them. Some shelves are made just for showcasing purposes while others have additional functions as well. Similarly, long span shelving is most commonly used in storage rooms, industrial areas and other such places where items of heavy weight are meant to be placed. Now, person can ask a question that why do we need a long span shelve to place heavier items when we can directly place them on the floor? First of all long span shelving holds the items with a particular sequence. Secondly, they take lesser area of the room but provide more space for your packages to be placed on them.  

Other than the above mentioned uses or one might say benefits, it is easier to load and unload boxes on the long span shelving. Conclusively, we can say that long span shelving is mostly used in storage rooms, industrial areas and such commercial areas where heavy boxes or packages are placed. 


Long span shelving is the rack like structure which is quite long and firm. It is built in such a way because it has to endure the weight of heavy packages. Long span shelving is recommendable for factories, industries and storage rooms where heavy packed boxes have to be placed on them. These shelves take lesser place but provide more space for your packages. “City shelving” makes sure to provide you with the most firm and durable quality of long span shelving. Moreover, all of their products are of high quality. long-span-shelving