What is a crime or an offence?
A crime or an offence is some illegal activity. Every country in the world has a special set of written or unwritten code of conduct. These are also known as rules and regulations. Every individual or citizen of a country is bound by these rules and regulations. These rules apply to activities that we carry out in our day to day life. For example there are road rules which need to be obeyed. A driver should follow the rules which are set for him, for example possession of a driver’s license is compulsory for a driver. Similarly obeying traffic rules and road rules such as crossing the road strictly using a zebra crossing or a yellow crossing is compulsory for the pedestrians for financial planner at Ipswich. Breach or failing to follow these rules would also cause you to pay a penalty or a fine to the state. However there are many other major types of crimes other than these petty offences.

Crimes done to the state
These are the types of crimes that individuals carry out and fail to oblige their duty to serve as a good citizen to their country. Engaging in terrorist activities against the country, drug trafficking and also failing to account for tax returns implied by the government are examples of such offences. These are highly punishable offences and therefore would lead to long term imprisonment. The reason is that such crimes would affect the economic development of a country.The FraudThis is where a person cheats another person by presenting them self as someone else or illegally gains another person’s money or goods. For example if an financial planner Southport http://www.arrowfa.com.au/office-locations/southport/ in a firm or bank show false accounts to his or her employee and possesses cash illegally it would amount to a fraudulent act. The punishment for such a crime usually is imprisonment.

Murder and Manslaughter
This is where a person unlawfully and also unethically according to religious views takes the life of another human being by inflicting grievous bodily harm. However the difference between a crime of murder and the crime of manslaughter is only as to the intention. Murder is when a person has the complete intention and acts accordingly. And Manslaughter is where the act is done but the intention for the act is lacking in evidences. In the face of law this is seen as the worse crime that can be carried out by a human being. Therefore the penalty or punishment for this is the highest form of punishments in a court of law that is the death penalty.

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