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We are confident that working with us will lead to the best washer and dryer repairs in Melbourne. We are capable of handling any task, regardless of its size. We are committed to providing superior service to the people of Melbourne and South East Melbourne. We believe that our reputation as a reliable and honest washing machine and dryer repair company is the key to our success. While other businesses seek to maximize profits by recommending pointless services and taking shortcuts, our goal is to find the best solution for you. Optimum Solutions is the best option for appliance repair overall due to a number of factors. The following are a couple of guides to show you why you ought to choose us:

  • Impromptu help
  • Each assignment is guaranteed
  • 20 years of ability
  • Nearby power
  • Limits for seniors

Possessing a tumble dryer ought to fulfill you on the off chance that you’re the top of a family and have a ton of garments to wash and dry. But what if something goes wrong? Regardless of how determinedly you keep up with your dryer, it wills presumably glitch at some point. However, throwing away a broken device is not always a good idea. Rather than spending a lot of money on a brand-new one, you can save money by having it fixed instead. With our same-day service, we can fix your dryer right away because we are experts dryer repairs in Melbourne. We have more than 20 years of professional experience and knowledge, so you can rely on us to quickly restore the functionality of your essential appliances.

What kinds of repairs can be made to a washer and dryer?

We can only imagine how irritated you will be if one day you find that your washing machine isn’t working as it should. Obviously, this isn’t the apocalypse since you can use your local Laundromat for a couple of days until the issue is fixed. And optimum solutions can assist you with this. We have skilled and knowledgeable appliance repair professionals that can quickly determine the problem with your washing machine repair in Melbourne. For instance, they can identify the following problems with your washer:

  • The spin cycle is loud;
  • Completely fails to start;
  • Does not rotate freely;
  • Is leaking;
  • Does not properly drain water.

Of course, there may be further issues, such as a strange rattling sound emanating from your washing machine or, for example, a dryer issue with your combination appliance’s inability to properly dry your laundry. Whatever it is, you can be confident that the specialist will be able to identify it and fix it. Additionally, he will check the appliance to make sure it works properly.

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